Treat Plumbing uses the latest high pressure water jet blasters and CCTV drain cameras to clear blockages.   Pipe locators are used to locate where the pipes are damaged or broken in the ground.

Treat Plumbing offers annual preventative maintenance for ongoing root infestation problems that cause blocked drains.  By cutting out the tree roots annually this will minimise disruption and sewer surcharging into or on your property.

Signs you might have a blocked drain include:

  • Smelly drains
  • Water rising above toilet or surcharging outside
  • Gulping or gurgling sounds in the drain
  • Water rising above toilet or surcharging outside
  • Toilet water taking a long time to subside after flushing
  • Toilet water levels are not as normal, sometimes falling below or rising above the ordinary levels
  • During showering floor wastes overflow
  • Surcharging sewerage out of overflow relief gullies

Common causes of blockages:

  • A build-up of daily refuse
  • Baby wipes, napkins, tissues, kitty litter, grease and hair
  • Pipes that have collapsed due to tree root pressure
  • Tree roots entering the piping through the old earthenware clay pipes or cracks in the pipes
  • Internally corroded piping